Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Quilt Number 2-1/2

I say 2-1/2 because there was one between this one and my first quilt that quickly became a UFO; quilt jargon for unfinished object. I have a lot of trouble reading and understanding directions. This has been a problem for my entire life. Only after I had made mistakes on the UFO did I understand what I needed to do with the quilt. I guess I'm a "trial and error" kind of gal. So far I have six rows of eight blocks. I need ten rows. Getting everything to match up is a real challenge. One of the tools you have to buy for quilt class is a ripper, also known as a way to rip out what you did wrong. I couldn't figure out why I would need one of these, but I bought it anyway. Now I know why; next to my rotary cutter this is my favorite tool. Makes ripping much more pleasant. I still love it. I actually skipped lunch today so I could quilt. Prior to quilting, nothing has ever come between me and food. I could be on to something.
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Danulai said...

That is so awesome! I used to quilt when I worked at the living history museum, but I never seemed to be able to do it at home.

dykewife said...

that's beautiful! there are three styles of learning, optic, aural and tactile. i'm a tactile learner. i learn by doing far better than i can by either reading instructions or hearing instructions. most of the time i just can't parse what's being said. the mental picture isn't there. if i can do while i watch someone else do, then my learning is much quicker.

i should take a picture of the two quilts my mom made me. the first one she made while i was in high school, the second after i was married. the only problem with them is that they're made of synthetic materials. the flannel liners are nice though.

that reminds me, i have to replace one of the flannel sheets. drat.

Minna said...

i like this!