Friday, August 17, 2007

My New Purse And Wine

In China they called these "knock-offs," but in this country when they are sold at my favorite wine bar, they are "replicas." This one is a Coach replica that is reversal. The inside is the usual tan and brown with the Big C for Coach. I probably won't ever use that side but I do love this side.

Every Wednesday night Vine Connections, a local wine store/bar/eatery, has WOW, which stands for Women of Wine. Several friends and I go for an hour or two about twice a month. You get an array of free appetizers, a glass or two or wine (not free) and great company. This time the owner brought in someone who was selling replica purses. I didn't expect to buy, one but when I saw the colors I just couldn't resist. Price: $80. In China it would have been $12.


Creamy Silver said...

Love the colors. I have sandles striped just like that.

Wine drinking and purse shopping sounds like a perfect evening to me.

blogauthor said...

That is a FABULOUS bag. (( drool ))

Rhonda said...

This purse will get you a lot of compliments!
I just luv the colors!