Friday, August 10, 2007

The Crooked Belly Buddha

This is a photo from the Lincoln Arts Gallery; I'm on the board. It's amazing to me how many wonderful and inventive artists live in the area. I love the buddha. If I had $1,100 I would buy it for my brother, the family buddhist. In the background on the left you can see a gourd. This is what we bought. It's about as tall as Bird Girl. The artist has carved the image of sea turtles in the gourd. I'll try to take pictures of it in our great room. I do love the buddha.
We took our GPS our for a ride today. I've named her Maggie. If you are driving and feeling lonely, she can be a great companion.
The artist is Yvon Doktor from Davis, California. Google her and you will see how wonderful her work is. Dinner is ready. Wild salmon with no injectable dyes.

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blogauthor said...

My exhusband named his GPS Jill. We don't have a name for ours. It's just that awesome gizmo that gets us where we're going. :)