Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Bridge, Blood Pressure, Liver Function Test And Directions

Most of my immediate family lives in the Minneapolis area so I was quite concerned when the bridge went down. Luckily everyone in the family is accounted for and very grateful to fall into that category. The link below was sent to me by my brother in Evergreen, CO Pretty amazing video.,1,5546538.story?ctrack=2&cset=true

Now for the blood pressure part. I have spent 99% of my life with low blood pressure. Even now that I am very much overweight, my blood pressure has been just fine. I know this because twice a month I made a platelet donation which included my blood pressure. Now, for some reason it is borderline hypertensive. Now I know for many people that is a minor problem but when you've spent your whole life at the other end of the spectrum; well it's disconcerting (especially after the earlier mammogram worry). My doctor ordered a bunch of blood work which I have to fast for so will do it on Monday. I really like my doctor. He also set me up for physical therapy for my rotator cuff problem.

Liver function is next. I didn't know that one of my antidepressants, Wellbutrin, can cause liver problems. Saw my psychiatrist and she ordered the liver test. I had wine the night before so was sure I would be caught with bad function. Got the results this morning by e-mail; just fine. It was an expensive chardonnay!

The last part is the fun part. I bought a GPS that we can use in all of our cars. Actually we bought a GPS. On Wednesday I was out going to doctor appointments, getting blood drawn, etc. when I decided to stop by Fry's Electronics in Roseville to see about a GPS. I wanted to be able to talk to a person about it although I wasn't sure what I would ask him or her. I stopped by, had a good discussion with a very helpful young man and bought the Magellan 3100. I came home and discovered that Kerry had the same thought only he bought the TomTom for $50 more than I paid. His goes back.

So now you know what's happening in my neighborhood. Kerry just got home with dinner so have to go.


Rhonda said...

Kerry brought home dinner?
Very impressive.

I like hearing about your day.

dykewife said...

my mom's blood pressure was always on the low end of the normal range and my dad is hypertensive. i'm so average it's nearly abnormal. however, because of the antidepressants and malfunctioning thyroid, i get tons of blood tests every year. happily, the vampires at the lab only take two vials of blood.

blogauthor said...

I lived in Minneapolis for 10 years - and my apt for much of that time was about 5 blocks from where the bridge went down. *gulp* What a tragedy.