Friday, April 03, 2009

Switch Plates And Dinner

Creamy Silver Twittered me about her new switch plates. I requested photos and said that in return I would post photos of the stencilling I did around some of my switch plates. It's pretty simple actually. Joann's has stencils that fit nicely around a switch plate. Just get stencil paint and a small sponge. Doesn't take long and dries in about an hour depending on your humidity. The best part is if you mess up you can wipe the stuff off the wall with a wet rag and start all over again.

Now for dinner: quiche with homemade crust (extremely simple), rainbow chard, green garlic, leeks, bacon, eggs and a smokey blue cheese. I'm hungry just thinking about it.

And it makes great leftovers.

Worked up an appetite today with all my weeding. It's actually coming along quite well. My newly planted tomatoes are doing well.

My sister may get to go home this Sunday. Cross your fingers and say a prayer.
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Kirby3131 said...

Your stenciling looks great! Yummmmm, I love quiche. I'm hoping you'll give up your recipe in a future post. I'm glad to hear that your sister may get to go home this weekend.

Ravn... said...

I wish u and your family a happy easterhollyday


Creamy Silver said...

The stenciling is lovely! I would have never thought of such an idea. It's a really nice touch. Leave it to you, Crafty Goddess Extraordinaire (CGE for short!)

ps.. I just posted mine :)