Friday, February 06, 2009

One Year Ago Today...

my sister had surgery. It was supposed to remove a cancerous nodule in her colon, but instead it nearly killed her.

She spent 8 weeks in the ICU in a medically induced coma and paralyzed, on a ventilator and dialysis. All together she spent 8 months in various hospitals and rehab centers.

She's home now and working every day to get stronger.

So today I'm feeling joy because I still have a sister; she is working so hard to become whole again. This took a terrible toll on her body and mind. Many, many of you bloggers prayed for her and sent cards. Her husband, Neil, was deeply touched by your concern for a complete stranger.

I guess no one is a stranger when death is lurking right outside the door.

She still faces one more surgery to undo her colostomy, which was done after the first surgery. I'm going to Minneapolis to be there for that.

We never know what the day will bring, but today it brings me great joy. Don't know about tomorrow and don't really care.

I love you Vicky.
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Oklahoma Farmgirl said...

Blessing on Vicky...& you!! I pray everything will go well.

Blessed be...

blogauthor said...

Oh my gosh, its been a year?!?! Wow. Continued good thoughts heading her, and your, way.

Creamy Silver said...

Wow, a year!

I'm so glad you turned to us even during the darkest parts so we can all celebrate the victories.

If I knew her I'd treat her to a Diet Coke. Maybe you can have one with her from me :)