Thursday, February 05, 2009

It's Rainy And Cold

So I have a beef stew in the crock pot. It's a good day for something warm and comforting. The picture at right is not my stew but one I found on the web. My crock pot is oval.

I sort of followed the recipe: stew meat from a local ranch, leeks, carrots and potatoes from local farms, tomato sauce that I made from last summer's tomatoes and then froze, burgundy wine from a local vineyard, garlic (not sure where this comes from because Kerry bought it at Costco), and lots of spices. I'm probably going to throw in a handful of either raisins or dried cranberries later in the cooking process.

I'm not going to be home for dinner tonight. My friend Jean and I are going out for our once-a-month glass of wine and appetizer at a local Italian restaurant. At first I was going to leave Kerry to his own devices, but when I saw how cold and miserable it was, that just didn't seem right.

We will probably finish it up tomorrow night.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of my sister's surgery that went so badly. Tonight I'm going to write a special post dedicated to her. I'm just so glad she is alive and at home healing.

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