Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Harleen's Harley And More

On the way back from puppy kindergarten a couple of Saturday's ago, Kerry stopped by Sierra Community College. Every weekend the college turns its parking lot over to people who want to sell a vehicle. Anyone who wants to sell a vehicle can be there.

Kerry really wants a Harley so he took this picture with Harleen lying next to one. Maybe he thought the Magic Fairy would arrive and say that he should be given a Harley because he was such a good person for raising a service dog.

Well, his Yamaha motorcycle is still right where he left it. No Magic Fairy turned it into a Harley. Judging by the picture, I'm not sure that Harleen is really into Harleys.

In other news, my sister is having more surgery. Yes, my sister who nearly died last year as a result of surgery.

It's time for her to have what's called a "downturn." That's when they reverse her colostomy. While she hates the thought of surgery, she hates the colostomy bag even more. Surgery is March 12th. I'm flying to Minneapolis on March 10th and will be there for two weeks.

So, I'd like to ask once again for your prayers, energy, Reiki and anything else you believe to help get her through this. She is terrified. I am too. But she has a new surgeon who seems like he understands what happened to her last time and will do everything in his power to make sure it doesn't happen again.

This will not be the last surgery. She still has some giant hernias that need to be fixed. When will this ever end.
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Mrs4444 said...

That's a surgery I don't envy her for; my friend had it. She'll need a good nursemaid to help pack the wound site. I'm glad you'll be there to help. I'll pray for you both :)