Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Cat In The Hat, Um, I Mean Grocery Bag

Nora, cat on the left, probably gave up one of her nine lives this morning. Kerry and I thought it was funny, but I don't think she did.

Here's what happened. She was in Kerry's office playing with a grocery bag, the kind with thin rope handles. She got her head caught in one of the loops and panicked. She tore out of Kerry's office careening off everything in her way as she tried to escape the bag that she thought was chasing her. She finally dove under my desk and dashed through my legs. I closed them on the bag to stop it and she kept going. I found her in the sitting room curled up on top of Georgio who was inside his little furry bed, which is made for one. She stuck to him like glue for most of the day.

This photo is of them sleeping together in my sewing room. He finds a place to sleep, she finds him and pushes her way in no matter how small the space. He tolerates it.
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Creamy Silver said...

Jack had a similar grocery bag incident many years ago. Ran head first into a sliding glass door trying to get away from that bag.

Poor kitties.

Rhonda said...

aww that is a sweet picture.
One that would be a cute on my desktop. ;)