Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Wedding Quilt Takes Shape

It may be hard to visualize but the fabrics here will become the wedding quilt for my son Mark and his fiancee Julia. We spent quite a bit of time yesterday at my favorite quilt shop deciding on what colors to incorporate. Luckily we were there on a weekday when the sales clerk had lots of time to help us. It's going to be a pretty traditional pattern.

The first two rows of fabric will comprise the quilt top. The last row will be used for borders. The plain fabric in the bottom row will be used as a thin border around the quilt pieces in the top photos. I want to have their names and the wedding date embroidered around the quilt. Then the fabric on the right in the last row will be wider and will be the final border. I'm going to have it professionally quilted by a former teacher of mine. I want her to incorporate the letters of their first names into the quilting. This is all in my head; now I just need to get it to happen. It will be lots of fun. More on their visit later.

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blogauthor said...

That is going to be gorgeous, even an untrained eye like mine can tell already. Why not do it yourself?

dykewife said...

lovely :) good thing they're not eloping. it appears there's a lot of work for you to do.

Rhonda said...

oh my you are such a good Mum.
I can't wait to see the "stages" of transformation!