Sunday, October 23, 2005

We spent Saturday wine tasting in El Dorado County, a new area for us. Most of the vineyards we visited are above 1500 feet which means the glassy winged sharpshooter can't live there. That little pest is destroying vineyards at lower levels. We had some incredible wines plus it was a beautiful sunny day. The photo is from Granite Springs Vineyard. The grapes were heavy on the vines and the leaves turn color just as the tree leaves do. Wonderful day with our friends Rick and Margo. If you like Zinfandels, this is a good area in which to taste them. Plus tasting is free and the people are a whole lot friendlier than in the Napa Valley. We joined the Wine Club at the WindWalker Winery. We also tasted ports. All the wineries served chocolate with the port. One even had a cup made of chocolate. You drink the port and then eat the cup. Chocolate makes every day better. Posted by Picasa

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