Saturday, October 08, 2005

Ann Lamott and Body Parts

The other thing I like about Ann Lamott is the way she talks about women and aging. She just turned 50 so she's really very young still, but she notes some of the things happening to her body. In fact she has names for the parts that are aging less gracefully. You know that skin that hangs under your arms and the reason some of us have stopped wearing sleeveless blouses or clapping vigorously at concerts, well she refers to them as her "Aunties." I always liked my Aunts when I was growing up. I mean my real Aunts. My relationship with my own "Aunties" isn't quite as glorious.

The second lower area of fat on her belly she has dubbed the "sub-continent." I guess the upper part is Europe.

Just two more reasons to like her writing.

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Randi Doeker said...

The mention of addiction prompts me to recommend James Frey’s memoir A Million Little Pieces.

It is back on the best-seller list because Oprah picked it as the first selection in her newly-revived contemporary books club. It’s also being made into a movie.

Pieces is about his two months in rehab tackling addictions that started when he was 5. The follow-on book, My Friend Leonard, covers his post-rehab time for a couple of years. It is not as intense but quite interesting in its own way. (Frey met Leonard in rehab; Leonard was the head of the Mafia on the west coast.)