Monday, October 17, 2005

Denver Airport's Secret Place

Saturday I flew home to Sacramento from Minneapolis via Denver. I had a 90 minute layover so decided to get some exercise by walking the length and back of the United Terminal. I did that and still had time so went up to the mezzanine where they had some more shops. Tucked away not far from Wolfgang Puck's is a place for a massage. You can do the chair thing or the whole table thing. I picked the 20 minutes in the chair for $24. Great massage. I fell asleep so I guess I relaxed. The trip home was ever so much better now that I could move my neck again. I do tend to carry some stress there. So next time you're at DIA check out the massage place near Wolfgang Puck on the Mezzanine.

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Asana Bear said...

Now that's a tip I can use!!