Monday, October 31, 2005

Golf as a lesson in patience

Our Life In The Country

Finally played golf yesterday after a half-year hiatus. Because I'm so competitive, I was very nervous and worried that I would play terribly. Well I didn't play great but I also didn't play terribly. It was a hard course that I had never played before. The one thing I haven't lost during the six month hiatus was my ability to hit straight. I just marched down the middle of the fairway. Felt great. I had one great putt that was from the edge of the green to the cup about 30 feet away. Most of the front nine I two-putted. Back nine was a little more irregular but still had a lot of two putts. And I got par on a par three hole when everyone else didn't. All in all a good day. On the same day I golfed my brother Richard skied. See his blog for more details. I prefer my sport to his. I'll never be on the pro circuit but I have a good time when I'm out there.

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