Thursday, March 18, 2010

Odds And Ends For A Thursday

Now that Harry is heading back to Reno, they have decided to be best buddies. That's Harry's head resting on Harleen. Just moments before, they were growling and chasing each other. Lia, Harry's puppy raiser, is brings her CCI breeding dog, Darlan, to Sacramento for x-rays to see how many pups she is going to have. The ultrasound showed ten. With eight nipples, that could be a challenge for Lia and Darlan. This also gives you an idea of what the new carpet in my sewing studio looks like. Lia will come by here and pick Harry up on her way back to Reno.

Harry was released from the CCI advanced training program because he didn't like to be groomed. He is such a sweet dog. So now he's a Change of Career dog just like Harleen. I wonder if any of the dogs in their litter will go on to be CCI service dogs.


We got our annual water bill from the irrigation district today. Last year we paid $98 for a miner's inch (11 gallons per minute 24 hours a day from April to October). This bill was for $734. We were a bit shocked so Kerry called. The poor customer service people are in for quite a day. They have a new billing system which figured all the bills much higher than they should be. Our bill will be $110. Sending new bills out tomorrow. This is not our drinking water. We just use it for irrigation and to keep our ponds full.

Made pizza last night using one of the bread recipes from "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day." It was delicious. Topped it with tomato sauce from last summer, organic spinach leaves (the green for St. Patrick's Day) from the farmers' market, mozzarella, Parmesan and salami. Having leftovers for dinner.

Now I just have to try making pasta. I have all the ingredients except courage. I know I can, I know I can....
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Cindi said...

What a wonderful photo. You should be really proud of it.