Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dark Days Local Challenge Week 13

Up until this week I had fixed cabbage two ways: raw for cole slaw and boiled with corned beef.

Last weekend there was this beautiful green cabbage at the Farmers' Market that was calling out to me; I brought it home.

One of the recent Dark Day entries wrote about sweet and sour cabbage. Sounded really good. You are supposed to make it with red cabbage but all I had was my beautiful green one.

So I made it anyway; it was a little blah looking but it tasted great. I used bacon from Coffee Pot Ranch, cider vinegar, leeks and Splenda (not SOLE). Kerry recently has had some not very good glucose numbers. He had slipped back into his old eating habits so we have started cutting back on all things sugar. His doctor upped his meds, and now he's testing daily. I just hope he doesn't slip back again.

We had brined and BBQed pork chops, which were also from Coffee Pot Ranch, to go with the cabbage.

A great dinner with leftovers to feed us the next night.
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