Sunday, February 07, 2010

Dark Days Challenge Week 12

Risotto is one of my favorite comfort foods even though it takes a lot of stirring to get it right. This one was made with homemade chicken stock, locally grown Kale, mushrooms, leeks and garlic, plus Parmesan cheese from Glen Canyon Creamery.

The bread was my first loaf using my new bread making book. Mark had told me that each batch is a bit different. The second loaf was denser but still delicious. Probably won't bake the third batch until tomorrow.

So that's Week 12. Taking Mark to the airport soon. Then Super Bowl festivities with friends.
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blogauthor said...

I LOVE risotto. Its one of the few dishes I am really good at making. High maintenance, and I love it. Lots of mushrooms, lots of butter, lots of warm chicken stock. So amazing with homemade chicken stock from organic chicken. Yummmmm.

Did I mention I'm hungry?!?

word verification made me laugh: retioree :)