Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Vicky Update and Mother's Day

Vicky is doing so well. Yesterday they removed her trach and her catheter. She's not able to walk yet so she is going to have to use a bedpan. That should spur her on. Bedpans are awful. Also, now that the trach is gone she is eating more. She still has the colostomy bag and the one drainage tube, but otherwise she is not tethered to anything. Thank you again for sending all the cards and letters. She really gets a boost when they arrive.

Mother's Day weekend in Albuquerque was fabulous. Our friends Beverly and George picked us up at the airport, because Julia and Mark had a rehearsal for the Mother's Day concert at the zoo on Sunday.

What I remember most about the weekend was the warmth and love from everyone and the good food. We went to Cold Stone Creamery twice! Mark's house has sold which is a big relief for both of them. He has to move out by June 1. Not sure where he will live yet but they will sort that out. His house sold in two weeks and he got 97% of the asking price. He and Julie did lots of work to get the house ready. It showed very well.

Julia made a delicious Mother's Day brunch and Mother's Day dinner. That means I haven't cooked since Sunday, May 4th. I have book group tonight so I may be able to extend my non-cooking streak for one more day. It's not that I don't like to cook, but it's nice to have some time off once in a while.

Today I'm getting my hair cut and colored. It's driving me crazy because it has gotten so long. That means it is covering my ears. Then I have to find time to sort through all the stuff I brought back from quilt camp and get my sewing room set up again. My friend Deborah is coming over on Friday with her sewing machine. We are going to work on all kinds of projects.

Thursday I'm going to donate platelets again. I had to take a year off because I was in a malarial zone in Costa Rica. I'm looking forward to getting back to my regular every-two-week donation.

I hope this weekend will be very quiet. We need that.

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Rhonda said...

wonderful update on Vicky!
Amazing recovery!

Happy Mother's Day a couple of days late. :)

I need a haircut and color SO BAD as well. I just hate going...
but I will.