Saturday, May 17, 2008

This 'n That

I got my tax rebate; my son and his future wife and all of you young folks out there in blogland will be paying for this economic blunder for a long time. When Clinton left the White House (I don't care if you didn't like him) we had a surplus. Now this country is cash and debt poor. Hell, we are in debt to China, a country whose air is unbreathable.

I'm in a pissy mood tonight. A good friend just got a horrible diagnosis of metastatic cancer. When they say "five years" and you are cancer free, don't believe them.

Okay, on to another topic; weather (I know, very mundane). It has been at about 100 here for the past few days. This is pretty early to get this kind of heat. Our air conditioning is going kaching, kaching. The bill this month won't be under $50.

Okay, I'll stop kvetching. I had a good talk with my sister this morning. With the aid of a walker, she walked from her bed to the door, which is quite a distance. It was slow but she is gradually gaining strength. Today she told me she was worried about her heart rate which hovers around 100. I told her it had been as high as 140 so 100 wasn't bad. She worries about every little thing, sort of like our maternal grandmother for whom I'm named. My brother is a worrier too. Somehow I escaped that genetic predisposition.

Okay, I'm done. It's time to go back to fabric.


Randi said...

You really really need that puppy!

Rhonda said...

sorry about your friend.
sometimes life is really hard...