Friday, May 02, 2008

Lots Of Good Stuff Happening

I know it's not fair to show a picture of a beautiful sunny day in California complete with pool and swimmer while many of you are still freezing. I can't help myself. This was the view from our room in San Luis Obispo where we went for the North Meets South Porsche 356 group. There were 175 restored 356s. Kerry was in heaven.

I, on the other hand, found out about a huge quilt show just around the corner from our hotel. So both of us were in heaven.

I met a wonderful woman at the quilt show who showed me a better and easier way to applique. I bought some of her patterns; this week I have been happily working on one of them using her technique. I had tried needleturn applique before but just couldn't make it work. Her technique, however, solved the problems I had been having. That's what I love about life; when you are open to people you make amazing discoveries.

My sister is doing quite well considering what she has been through. Her emotional state seems to me like post traumatic stress syndrome, which doesn't surprise me. There is a wonderful psychiatrist and a great chaplain there. I met both when I was there. They have been very supportive of her.

Vicky and I talk every morning, which is wonderful. Sometimes it's just a few minutes but then yesterday we talked for an hour. They removed the catheter for her dialysis which is a very good sign that her kidneys are working. The trach is still in her throat even though she's pretty much breathing without aid of oxygen. A couple of nights ago her oxygen level dropped to 88% so they put the oxygen cannula back in her nose for a short while.

On Tuesday she went back to Methodist Hospital for a CAT scan to see how her belly is healing and to see if they could remove the drainage tubes. The tubes stayed in; she goes back next Tuesday for another CAT scan. Getting those drainage tubes out would make it easier for her to be more mobile.

I can tell she's doing better because she's getting bored and has decided to set goals for herself. That's a really good sign.

She received her first blogger card; it came from Rhonda (thank you, thank you, thank you). She cried when she thought about someone caring enough to send a card to a person she has never met.

The Farmers' Market in Lincoln opens today and I will be there. It's going to be from 8-12 every Friday for the rest of the year. Love that locally grown stuff; plus the guy we buy meat from will be there.

Monday I head for Quilt Camp at Lake Tahoe. I can hardly wait. That's all for now. Once again, thank you for all your support for my sister. It means a lot to my family.
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