Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tree Execution Day

This beautiful Blue Oak in the center of the photo is diseased and so must come down before it falls down. The arborist says it's at least 100 years old. It has a bacterial canker, which has invaded nearly all of the trunk. I hate to see trees cut down; I know this one has to come down but I'm still very sad. It's done a great job of shading people, producing acorns from which little oaks have grown, shedding leaves each fall which provide fertilizer for the earth and providing homes for birds, but now it's time is up. There is a big green bucket truck in our driveway. It's pulling a mulcher. Weapons of mass destruction. Kerry has found someone who will mill most of the wood so we can make something from it. Not sure how much wood we will get so what that something will be is undecided yet.

We still have one blue oak; it sits right in front of the house and is about 100 years old as well. The arborist thinks it's healthy but will be out next week to climb it and check out a few spots that worry him. This tree shades the entire front of the house.
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Rhonda said...

I feel your sadness. Poor old beautiful tree...


Casdok said...

I agree, it is sad when trees have to be cut down, give it a big hug first!

pat said...

I can understand "putting it down" when it's diseased because that disease, in some instances, can be passed on to other, healthier trees or plants.

It's when the power company comes by and "trims" big circles through the middle of trees so the brances don't touch the power lines that really irks me.

We saw a beautiful, very mature red maple this past weekend -- beautifully shaped, magnificent...until you looked at the other side. A big "C" shape cut out of it, to accommodate the power lines.