Monday, September 03, 2007

Another Shoe From Albuquerque

Since I retired, my shoe collection has gotten quite a bit less mainstream. Before I was always trying to camouflage my size 9EEs, but now I've decided what the heck I'm going to wear what I want. If anyone points to my feet it will be because they are jealous of my shoes. I got these Kitsons for far less than they want on the Kitson web site. I have not worn them yet because I'm still wearing sandals (the temperature is still hovering right about 100). My friend Beverly in Albuquerque also introduced me to mismatched socks. You buy three socks that are all different in design but the same in color hue. I thought about it and decided I can do that without buying the special socks. Now I have a chance to wear one flamingo sock with one turtle sock. So that's my story for today. Here's the web site for the socks:
Have a great labor day.
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dykewife said...

is it me or does that rose in the 3rd photo look like it's got a mouth. if you start hearing "feed me!" bury the shoes and wait for audrey to grow out of the ground. :)

Rhonda said...

the shoes are way cool.
I buy shoes from Pacific Sun, a store my son Jared buys at.

I figure you only live once...might as well have some fun!

the sock thing is something I haven't heard of...