Thursday, September 13, 2007

Google Cookbook

Did you know that you can type into Google three ingredients you have in your kitchen, and it will give you recipes you can make with those ingredients. Of all the high tech stuff around I think this is the best. I'm reading Thomas Friedman's book, "The World Is Flat." He mentioned this so this morning I gave it a try. I typed in venison (yes I have some but we didn't kill it), mushroom soup and carrots. I got back a whole bunch of recipes. I think I'm going to fix the slow cooked venison stew. So check out your kitchen, type in those three ingredients and hit enter. Who knows what you will discover.


Rhonda said...

Well, I learned something today.
I will give it a try and see what kind of meal we come up with. :)

Creamy Silver said...

I had no idea. That sounds terrific!

It also sounds like a challenge "Stump Google Cookbook". I remember a time back in the early days that all I could scrape up was half a hotdog and a box of jello. Wonder what it would suggest for that?!

Minna said...

thanks for the tip! i've used google for a long time, and i didn't know this!
hope you & Kerry are well!

blogauthor said...

Hmmm, well here is what is in my pantry: vinegar popcorn peas. And I got back a myriad of things, most related to gout.