Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Today Is My Birthday

Updated: Actually I'm not a year older yet. I was born at 8:20 CST (Minneapolis) so technically I don't get a year older until then, which is 6:20 PST. No need to dwell on the number of years I've lived, but suffice to say I have tried to live them to the fullest and I think I've succeeded.

I have a wonderful son who is in Baltimore right now auditioning for a trumpet position with the symphony there (He didn't get the job: bummer). Kerry, the wonderful man in my life, just left for his aerobics and yoga classes. He's taking me to a Vietnamese restaurant tonight for dinner. I've already gotten greetings from my brother in Evergreen, Colorado; my nephew, his wife and son in Minneapolis; my cousin Greg and his family in Minneapolis and my cousin in Naples, Florida. We are a spread out group. And the DHL delivery person was just here with a gift from my brother. It's the latest Harry Potter book on CD. There are 17 CDs so that will keep me happy for quite a while. I love listening to books when I drive.

And messages from friends are coming in too. I'm having lunch tomorrow with a friend I have known since kindergarten.

So getting a year older is a wonderful opportunity to think about all my family and friends and reflect on how loved I am by all of them.

New topic: I've decided to add an oriole and a bluebird feeder to my collection of feeder stations. Both birds live around here so hopefully they will come when I put out treats for them. The orange feeder below is for orioles and the other one is for bluebirds. I won't, however, be added orange coloring to the sugar water they like. The bluebirds like mealy worms. I'm off to the bird store today. The best one is an hour away but it's a beautiful drive.
For those of you still covered in snow, I spotted the first blooming bulb today. It's not in my yard but it still counts as the first one of the year. Nice of it to show up on my birthday.


Asana Bear said...

Happy Birthday Big Sister/Sister-in-law. Lots of love from Colorado. Richard and Charlotte

dykewife said...

well, happy hatch day! i hope your birthday continues to be fun. speaking one one of those who are buried under snow...:P~~~~~~

Creamy Silver said...

Hi! Happy Birthday to you!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Im not a 'fertility blogger' per se, you just happened along when I was writing about it.

Thanks for your sweet comment. Come back anytime.