Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Game Night

We've joined a game night group in Lincoln. It's just four couples who get together once a month to play a game and eat good food. Everyone brings something to share. We played Scattergories at Jan and Doug's house last Saturday. I had forgotten how much fun games can be. They certainly are icebreakers. Kerry and I knew the host and hostess but not the other folks. We quickly got to know the other couples as we laughed and teased each other about the game and our answers.
Scattergories is a word game of categories where all your answers have to begin with the same letter. For instance, you roll the big twenty-sided die and it comes up with "R." Then fill in a word beginning with the letter "R" for each of the 12 categories like: An ice cream flavor. A president. A thing you find in the refrigerator. And so on until the buzzer sounds after 3 minutes. Your answers might be Rocky Road, Ronald Reagan, and raspberries. Compare your answers to the group's. Duplications score nothing, but original answers will get you a point.
The host couple determine which game to play. Kerry and I have already begun to think about which game we will have when we host.
I love puzzles, especially crossword and jigsaw puzzles. Lots of crossword puzzles on line, but I've only found one good jigsaw puzzle site: www.jigzone.com The AARP web site has a jigsaw puzzle but it's pretty simple. Oh, and I hate sudoku. Can't do it to save my life. My brain just doesn't work that way.
Anybody know of any others?

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dykewife said...

i also hate sudoku, though boy loves them. i prefer straight forward crosswords and have several books on the go right now. online i go to Best Crosswords