Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Snowy Trek From Denver To Ohio

My brother and his wife decided to drive from the Denver area to Cincinatti for Christmas. They started their trek in Evergreen, which is at about 8,500 feet. The snow was piling up around their house so they decided to leave early so they wouldn't be snowbound at home for the holidays. They got as far as Denver in a howling blizzard and checked in to a Residence Inn for two nights instead along with lots of other stranded travelers. First night guests played Bingo. Second night there was a talent contest. Finally early Friday morning I-70 eastbound was opened to traffic. Here are some photos my brother sent me via his phone. Makes me cold just looking at them. The woman in the photo is Charlotte. Hopefully the drive back will be less eventful. Notice the icicles hanging from the I-70 sign.

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Anonymous said...

that's not a lot of snow for having a blizzard, then again, it looks very flat too, so it must not be in colorado.

we've had more snow this year so far than in the past several years. four or five blizzards have dropped a significant pile on us. hopefully this means a relief from the drought of the past several years.