Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Jesus By The Yuba River

 Kerry and I picnicked by the Yuba River on our way home Monday. On one side of the car we had the river. On the other this massive stone wall. He said, "Do you think we can find Jesus or the Virgin Mary on the wall?" We joked about the old donut that looked like the Virgin Mary and other such ridiculous things. Then he said, "I think I see him." So here's a close up of the wall where we both saw him. See if you can find him. We are not telling anyone where this is. Folks in the area wouldn't appreciate millions of Christians arriving on the scene to pray. Just not enough beer in the closest saloon for everyone. If I've offended someone...well, you are just too sensitive. Laugh a little; it's good for you. Posted by Picasa

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