Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl and Chocolate Martinis

This was our third Super Bowl party in Lincoln. That makes it a tradition. Kerry makes his special (the secret ingrediant is ketchup) chili and rice. I made cornbread. It's great on top of the chili plus we had lots of assorted foods. But the highlight is always the chocolate martinis. Usually our friend Einar brings them. This weekend, however, he had to go to Chico to have a "come to Jesus" meeting with his college-age son. So I was on my own. 5 cups of vodka, 6 cups of chocolate liquer, Hersheys chocolate syrup and some kahlua to make up for the lack of chocolate liquer. I made it at 9 a.m. It's really gross to measure out that much liquor that early in the day. I was still working on my coffee and banana.

So here are the photos. The group of three (Kerry, Katie and Mary) are artists who are showing with Kerry in a gallery at the college. The rest are friends and the food table. We have Tivo so I'm going to go back and watch the commercials. We did watch half time. I want biceps like Mick Jagger. The kids screaming in the pit could be his grandchildren. I hope I'm that fit at 65. I'll need another knew to be like that. Now Keith Richard is another thing. He looks like he died a while ago and was brought back for the Super Bowl. Who would have thought that the Rolling Stones would ever appear at a Super Bowl and in Detroit no less. Anyway, here are the photos.

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