Saturday, February 04, 2006

On Golden Pond...Sorta

Here's Kerry out in his boat on the upper pond. He's fixing the pump that brings pond water to our irrigation system. It stopped working when a snail crawled into the orifice. Took us quite a while to figure this out. We tried all the high tech stuff first. When in doubt look for critters to plug up things.

It's nearly sunset. The green stuff on the top of the pond is parrot feather. Don't ever dump your aquarium into a moving stream. Parrot feather is that stuff that makes your aquarium look great, but it's almost impossible to get rid of once it's in a stream or pond. The upper pond gets most of it. The lower pond just gets cattails. Nice to look at, but they are pond killers. They can literally take over a pond and wipe it out. That's your pond lesson for the weekend. Tomorrow we have a Super Bowl Party. I'm making chocolate martinis. Yum. Posted by Picasa

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