Monday, February 20, 2006

Planning for China

Not too much going on these days. We've had lots of rain and then lots of sun. Kerry is busy doing his homework for his drawing and watercolor classes. While he's doing that I've been making lists of things we need to take to China. Everything on the list so far is drug related. The list starts out with "tylenol, pain patches and Immodium A-D". I have no idea if we will need these things but we will have them. Oh, and toilet paper. Apparently some bathrooms don't have it. It's hard for me to imagine what it will be like there. I've seen pictures, watched movies and listened to the news but I don't think any of that will prepare me for the real thing. People who have been there say the shopping is terrific. You always bargain. One fellow I talked to said he and his wife bought fake Rolex watches for $2.50/watch. The starting price was $20.
I'm bringing along my binoculars and a book on Birds of China. It would be great to add to my life list. Well, I'm off to shop for a new backpack and some more black stretch jeans. Gotta love the stretchiness.

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