Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Stupidity Reigns

The number one rule in my profession of public relations is "do not provide the enemy or opponent with an opportunity to appear to be a martyr." Pretty simple. Somehow the White House just hasn't figured that one out. First Bush ignored Cindy Sheehan in Texas and now she's arrested at the White House during a demonstration. Bush might as well go out there and carry a picket sign for here. But what can you expect from a man who bragged about getting "Cs" at Yale.

And then we have the former head of FEMA, Brown, saying that it was all Louisiana's fault for being so dysfunctional. Come on! Harry Truman must be spinning in his grave. Brown was not even remotely qualified for the job.

Then we have the head of the FDA. He resigned because people claimed, and rightfully so, that he was politicizing the work of the agency. Heaven forbid that anyone in the Bush administration should put promises to the Evangelicals ahead of someone's health and even survival.

The one that really got to me, however, was Bush saying there was no need for late term abortions. They just weren't needed. How in the hell would he know. Let's just hope that neither of his daughters need any of the medications or procedures that he and his administration have politicized.

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