Friday, December 17, 2010

A Chicken With SOLE

This is meal three of Dark Day Challenge. It was pretty simple. A roasted chicken and a baked potato. But sometimes the simplest is the best. Kerry calls this comfort food.

We get our chickens from a local ranch so they are moist and tender. This one weighed 3.6 pounds.

I made a paste of unsalted butter with sage and chives from my garden and sea salt and ground pepper. Gently pulling away the chicken skin, I spread the butter and herbs underneath. It's a bit tricky and you have to go slowly or you tear the skin, but it can be done.

Baked potatoes were, well, baked until the skins were crispy. I love to eat the skin. This time Kerry did too. The sour cream was not local but it was Rbst-free.

I'm hoping to get one more meal in before we leave for Christmas next Tuesday.
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Anonymous said...

Sounds great

blogauthor said...

I do that too, peeling the skin back.

You know what I tried and was so good - the clementines you sent me? I put a few inside the bird and then put some of the lobes under the skin. Then I dripped the resulting juice over the outside skin every 15 or so min while it cooked. SO good!