Thursday, June 03, 2010


There are many strawberry farms in our area; they are tended by Asians who every year produce the most spectacularly sweet berries. We have a farm less than a mile from us. We took some to the Memorial Day camp out. Rave reviews. I bought some yesterday. The ones I bought were picked that day. The aroma in my car was so wonderful. Once home I cleaned and sliced the berries. Some went into a dehydrator so we can have fresh berries in the winter. The others went into freezer jam that is made with lots of Splenda.

Summer is such a spectacular season for everything. It is, however, hard to put up berries or other things when it's really warm. I set up fans in the kitchen today so I wouldn't sweat on the food.

I will probably do one more batch of dehydrated strawberries and another batch of freezer jam. It's also great on ice cream, plain yogurt and biscuits.

I love summer.

Tonight's dinner is barbecued brined pork chops and oven-roasted kohlrabi, green garlic and leeks with Parmesan cheese. Kerry's tummy is a little off so not sure how much he will eat. He goes to the doctor next Tuesday.

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