Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Perfect Sunday: Wine, Good Friends And Quilts

Our friends Brad and Bruce came for bagels and coffee this morning on their way to Reno for a week of well...with Bruce and Brad who knows. They have been in a committed relationship for at least 35 years. I worked with Bruce at PG&E. They left for Reno and the Atlantis where they play the penny and nickel slots and know all the best food and drink bargains in the town.

Then we headed to Grass Valley to forage for clean food. Bought beef from the Briar Patch Co-op which carries the local beef from Nevada County Beef, and picked up a spaghetti squash for dinner tomorrow night.

Then on to Nevada City for the perfect combination: wine tasting and quilt viewing. Ann Sanderson, whose quilts are pictured here, was the artist showing at the winery. She does amazing fabric art which involves quilting but you don't put it on a bed. The fish I found on Google Images, but I just realized that I also took a photo of one of her pieces with my phone. Hopefully I can add that with an edit. I'm sending it now. Okay, it's there. I love the frog.

This is one of those one-things-lead-to-another stories. So, the food at the reception for the artist and the wine tasting were scrumptious. There was a cheese that Kerry and I both agreed was just the best. We found the woman who catered the food for the event. We asked her about the cheese we loved; she showed us the label and then told us about a new cheese shop in Nevada City where she had bought it.

She gave us directions and two blocks later we were standing in front of this beautiful blue and white Victorian building. The store has been open only two weeks but from the business we saw, she will be a success. We will travel an hour for her cheeses.

We found the cheese we wanted, Jean de Brie. It's a camenbert that is a triple cream cheese; it looks like butter. We bought it. Then we tasted some other cheese and bought it too; a wonderful goat cheese. We bought bread and then Kerry got two dried apricots one dipped in milk chocolate and the other in dark chocolate. We headed out the door in foodie heaven. Turns out they were actually closed but stayed open to help us.

This is something we find over and over again in the country. The clock does not rule your day. People are so friendly.

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