Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I'm Going To Have A Daughter-In-Law

Yup, my son Mark popped the question today and she said yes. That's Julia in all the photos. Mark is the guy with the camera and the striped hat in the second photo and in the bottom one with his arm around her. He gave her his maternal grandmother's wedding ring, which she can get made into anything she wants.

They called this afternoon after the hike where they got engaged. I could hardly understand what they were saying because they were giggling so much. I got tears in my eyes. I've been waiting for her for a long time.

They had already talked to her mom. Julia told her that she wanted to get married tomorrow. She's the only daughter so her mom really wants to be able to enjoy the whole process of the wedding. Not sure she was excited about tomorrow. I just said I'd go along with whatever they decided. I told her the line about the mother of the groom's job: show up, shut up and wear beige. She said no way. I look terrible in beige.

So a grand adventure is about to begin for these two. It started this afternoon on a hike outside Albuquerque.

They will visit us in early January; I can hardly wait. Today I was planning on writing about spaghetti squash but somehow that doesn't seem very important right now.

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dykewife said...

congrats on getting a new child the easier and less painful way :) i hope they have many happy and exciting years together.

Minna said...

oh my! how exciting & wonderful Kathy. congrats to you & congrats to Mark & his soon-to-be wife.

Rhonda said...

Well Congratulations!!!!!!!
This is exciting!!!