Thursday, November 08, 2007

When Is A Desert Not A Desert?

Answer: in Palm Springs, CA. All the water you see in the photo is from the Colorado River. This is one of several reasons why the Colorado River is in danger. It's the Marriott Springs Resort in Palm Desert.

This is where we will be staying starting on Saturday night for seven days. The family timeshare is not in the hotel proper but is on the grounds of the hotel. It's a condo-type arrangement.

I'm always outraged at how the area around Palm Springs makes use of water. This hotel has a lake in the lobby! If you are staying at the hotel, you can take a boat from the lobby to some of the rooms and the restaurant. It's a big enough boat to carry life jackets plus it has to be inspected by the Coast Guard. As the boat leaves the lobby dock, two very large glass doors open and the boat passes out into the sunshine.

The timeshare is something that Kerry's dad bought several years before he died. Now the family enjoys it in November and February each year. Very laid back; lots of good food and company. I may not get a chance to post but I will be thinking about all of you...right.
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Rhonda said...

I know you'll have fun.


blogauthor said...

We are in "exceptional drought" here in NC, and the governor has put out mandatory restrictions (e.g. no lawn watering at all, etc) and has called for everyone to reduce their water usage by 50%. So, I have been taking ship showers - where you get wet, turn off the water, lather up, then turn it back on briefly to rinse. When I've been trying to conserve, I realized how much water I wasted before. We bobbed for apples at Offsrping's party last week and instead of just dumping out the water (which I would not have had a second thought about before), I saved it on the porch and have been bringing it in a day at a day by bucket for the dogs to drink.