Wednesday, December 21, 2005

More Refrigerator Magnets

I experimented a bit with a new idea for a refrigerator magnet. The results are in the photo. I glued a variety of beads to the rounded surface and glued colored paper to the back. It's fun. Posted by Picasa


Minna said...

They look great Kathy.

Natalie said...

Have you tried making glass marble magnets? I spent days with some old magazines, comic books, and travel brochures, and made some gorgeous ones.

Not Martha has a good set of instructions on her site:

You've got a fun site, and BTW, I think your son is a cutie!

country girl said...

Yes, I've done the glass marble magnets. Christmas is a great time to do them with all the catalogs. I decided to branch out. The beads are on top of the glass marbles. Glad you think he's a cutie. I do too, but then I'm prejudiced.