Saturday, December 31, 2005

Holiday Sounds in Washington

Cough, Cough. Hack, Hack. Sneeze. Ugh. Unmentional noise. Hack, Cough. Wheeze. I'm not hungry. Yawn, hack, cough, sneeze. Crash.

Translation: Kerry and I got this terrible flu and cold bug. I got it first the day after Christmas. He followed quickly. What followed all that are some lost days of sleeping and more sleeping. He developed a temperature of 102.8 so went to urgent care and is now on antibiotics. When we left yesterday his sister was making all the same noises. Her husband, Gary, is probably not far behind.

The crash was the sound of Mark's Amtrak train to Seattle hitting a car at a crossing grade. No one was hurt but he had to be resourceful to make sure he got to the airport in time for his flight back to Albuquerque. Being the resourceful sort, he made it.

Once again Kerry and I have slept most of the day. We just ate his homemade macaroni and cheese. There is nothing like comfort food when you are sick. "Sleepless in Seattle" is on. Sounds like a good movie to sleep through. Good night and Happy New Year to you all.

Almost forgot. The photo is the kitchen table at Susan and Gary's house in Washington. It's covered with all the Christmas sweets that have tempted me in the past. Susan replenishes it whenever dishes get low. When you are sick, even chocolate doesn't look good. The one dish I didn't photograph was the one holding her homemade carmels that are individually wrapped in waxed paper. We will save those for later.

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