Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Politics Just Got Stranger

Our Life In The Country
Here's the rundown as I see it.
1. Arnold Schwartzenegger, who swooped into the governors office a year ago with some fresh, new ideas for a Republican, lost badly at the ballot box. He's a moderate who is pro-choice. He found out what everyone else in California already knew, the Democratically controlled legislature will continue to control the state, and he won't. All of the initiatives he put on the ballot failed. The election cost the state and counties $15 million. We already have a deficit. Nearly $320 million dollars was spent on campaigns for the propositions that lost. So, as usual, the firms managing campaigns and the lawyers will do well. The people of the state won't. Arnie will be history next year. His own party is already doubting his abilities. And Maria looked really pissed when she was listening to the speech her hubbie gave in L.A. last night when the vote wasn't going well.
2. New Jersey and Virginia (a red state) elected Democratic governors. In the case of Virginia, Bush came to the state to campaign for the Republican candidate the day before the election. The guy lost by a wider margin than expected. So much for riding the coat tails of the president.
3. Kansas voted to "question" the theory of evolution in its science curriculum. I don't think Dorothy would like Kansas today.
4. Texas voted against gay marriage.
5. Maine voted to ensure gay marriage.
6. And a Republican was re-elected Mayor of New York.
7. San Francisco approved a measure to not allow handguns. Today the NRA filed a lawsuit to overturn the measure. See, I told you, the lawyers always do well in these battles.

All in all yesterday was a weird day for this country. The coasts seem to understand what to do. It's that mid-section that worries me. I came from there. It's a good thing I got out when I did.

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Randi Doeker said...

I don't know about the rest of middle America but Chicago has prohibited private gun ownership for quite a while; ditto some of the burbs. And the NRA just failed in getting that changed via state legislation.

You may not remember this but sometime in the late 90s there was a prop on the CA ballot for school vouchers. It looked like it would go far.....until the Wiccans started campaigning for it. They were excitely looking forward to getting tax dollars for their schools.

End of the voucher story. I was never sure if the witches were put up to the PR campaign or they were sincere.

I'm sure there is some version of the Wiccan in every extreme proposition -- if we just look for them.