Friday, April 02, 2010

Deconstructing Quilt Blocks

I've had a lot of fun developing the idea for this quilt which is 36 x 44. The top picture is the entire quilt; the second picture shows a close up of a section where I've done some free motion quilting.

All the fabric, except the black background, was originally in another quilt which I had never finished. I never liked the quilt even though I liked a lot of the fabrics. It was sitting in my pile of UFOs (unfinished objects).

I finally decided to cut the quilt blocks into strips and weave them together. That gave me four boxes and a lot of leftover material. I put the four woven boxes on the black fabric using lightweight fusible. Rose Hughes' technique came into play but not in the usual way; I wasn't joining fabrics, I wanted to create arteries along which fabric could move. The couching is colorful yarn I had in my yarn stash.

Then I cut out lots of circles...and I mean lots of circles both big and small. The ones in the arteries are emerging from fabric circles like colorful coins coming out of a machine. The larger blank circles I quilted with a variety of two- or three-toned thread. You can see that in the second photo.

Finally, I sewed one or two beads on all of the small circles.

The solid block with strips of fabric emerging from it was just done for contrast.

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Charlotte said...

How creative! Love it Kathy