Saturday, November 07, 2009

Palm Desert Bound For A Week

Sunday we trade our wonderful rural life for that of Palm Desert and its fountains, lakes, over-watered lawns and many, many golf courses and plastic surgeons.

Kerry's dad, a wonderful man whom I dearly loved the short time I knew him, bought two time shares several years ago at the Marriott Desert Springs. This is a picture of the hotel lobby. Only in the desert in California would you find a lake in the lobby and boat that will take you on tours of the resort or to your restaurant in the evening. Life jackets are included.

The first time I was there I asked the young woman who was captaining our boat about the source of the lake's water. She assured me it didn't come from Northern California; it came from the Colorado River. That did not make me feel any better. Such a waste of precious resources.

Harleen has gone to our friend Jean's for the week. Jean has a young Goldendoodle named Bailey and a French bulldog named Tucker. Based on their behavior tonight when we brought Harleen to Jean's home, things will be just fine.

We are driving; it's easier and much less expensive than flying. Our travel ritual is to have Chinese food for dinner the night before we leave. We take the leftovers with us and have that for lunch so we don't have to stop long. It's about nine hours from our house to the time share.

My goal today was to finish reading the book "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett. I got it from the library as a seven-day loan. It was 442 pages so that's a bit much for me for seven days. But I finished it tonight, a day late. But we'll slip it in the box at the Carnegie Library in Lincoln in the morning as we head for the desert. Lincoln has a one-day grace period so I won't be fined. It is a must read.

I leave town with an iris blooming; this happened a couple of years ago but not with this same plant. I can see it when I look out my sewing studio window. I always miss being in our home with it's peace and quite. Tonight it feels strange to have Harleen's crate gone. There is a big white block of carpet that is cleaner than any other part of the room.

So, I'll be back in a week. Hope you all have a good one.
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Oklahoma Girl said...

Safe travels, & have a lovely time. What a cool place, but I agree w/you about the water. The Help is an awesome book, I so enjoyed it.

blessed be...