Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No Colon Cancer Here

Had my colonoscopy yesterday afternoon and passed with flying colors. Now if I would just stop farting, I would be happy. I sound like a little putt, putt car. I had lots of drugs for the procedure so don't remember much of anything except Kerry telling me it was time to wake up. They gave him one of those big pagers with lights that you get in restaurants so they could find him when I was in recovery. He immediately asked the nurse, "how far can I go with this and still receive a signal." She said no one had ever asked her that before. Only Kerry

Came home, ate some toast, drank some Sprite and went back to sleep until about 10. Then stayed awake a few hours and back to sleep again. Drugs are wonderful.

We leave for the airport in about 90 minutes to go to Minneapolis to visit my sister. She just called in tears; she said she wanted to be healthier for our visit, but now she has pneumonia. I reminded her that last time I saw her she was in the ICU at the acute care facility and she was hallucinating. Then I reminded her of all of the things she can do now. I finally got her to laugh. Her other big worry is that they will send her back to the hospital because of the pneumonia. I reminded her that they rarely hospitalize people with pneumonia. Blogauthor knows that better than any of us.

I'm hoping for a big thunder and lightening storm while we are there. I loved them when I lived there and really miss them. California rarely gets them. Everything smells so good afterward.

We change planes in Salt Lake City on our way to Minneapolis so we don't get in until 9:30 tonight.

I think my sister and I are going to watch lots of really funny movies so she laughs a lot. Any suggestions? Doesn't matter how old they are. Also I'm going to get her mailing address again so maybe some of you could send cards again. I'll post it tomorrow.

I'll be reading blogs and blogging while I'm away.


Rhonda said...

Some funny flicks...

Meet The Parents
Groundhog Day
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

so glad your test went well...

Say "hi" to your sis!!!

dykewife said...

oh, let's see...

- the cheap detective (every bogart movie made is spoofed in this neil simon movie)
- hot shots, parts one and deux
addams family and addams family values
- blazing saddles
- monty python's holy grail and meaning of life
- student bodies and any of the scary movie movies (crude, yes, but great spoofs on horror films)
- ruthless people (i love the interaction between the characters)
- twins (danny devito is hilarious and arnold is his usual academy award self :P)
- the last remake of beau geste (marty feldman and michael york...a hoot!)
- the pink panther movie series that has peter sellers in them.

i'm glad your colonoscopy turned out well...as to the farts, well, there are worse things than creating your own fuel when gas prices are so high (hah! i crack me up)

Creamy Silver said...

My favorite funny movies are Father Of The Bride 1 & 2 and Sister Act 1 & 2.

Maybe you can tell your sis that we all say Hi!

blogauthor said...

If she can cough, they won't hospitalize her. Cough Vicky, cough!! :)

I second Meet the Parents, a total scream, loved it. Another big favorite of mine is "Liar, Liar" with Jim Carrey. The premise is that he can't tell a lie due to some magical mishap of some sort. So all of the little white lies one tells are suddenly impossible. It is just great. Clean, funny silly comedy.

Election with Reese Witherspoon - a wicked and smart satire of overachievers. LOVED it.

The funniest movie ever is Borat. It is VERY crude, rude and obnoxious. I repeat: VERY crude, rude and obnoxious. But SO SO SO funny - skewers Americans and just made me gasp with fits of laughter. On the other hand, gasping for her is not good. ;-)

I'm going to have to bookmark this comments page!